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3 Things your Imaging CRO Needs in 2023

Imaging CROs provide critical expertise that can help to optimize clinical trial operations by acquiring and reading medical images on behalf of sponsors or other CROs. These outsourced specialists can be a vital asset to researchers, improving trial quality while retaining essential internal resources. In fact, clinical trials conducted with the help of a CRO are completed 30% quicker on average than those conducted in-house.
Going into the new year means embarking on new projects, so you may be in the market for an Imaging CRO to work with. What elements should you evaluate to determine if an Imaging CRO is going to be a great fit for your study? Each clinical trial has unique needs and goals, but there are a few universal aspects that will prove to be beneficial for any organization.
To help with your decision, we’ve compiled three of our top considerations to take into account before
beginning a partnership with an Imaging CRO.
Above all, you want to establish trust early to ensure that your partnership with your Imaging CRO is going to lead to ideal trial outcomes. Request and learn from the CRO’s case studies to determine their performance with prior clients. You can learn a lot from their completed projects, including their strengths, weaknesses, and a general sense of their quality of work.
Take it a step further and evaluate their workflow management. Which platform do they use to process and deliver the images? How will it work to contribute to better communication and maintain data integrity?
Efficiency is key, because clinical trials can take years to complete. The sooner a trial is completed, the sooner patients can benefit from the new drug or technology.
When choosing an Imaging CRO, be sure to assess their ability to quickly deliver medical images. How soon can they upload images onto their chosen platforms? Do they promise a timely delivery of materials? Ask these questions up front to determine if they are capable of keeping up your trial’s desired timeline.
Realistically, optimizing ROI is one of the more practical aspects to take into account. Find an Imaging CRO that will easily customize and adapt to your needs, because you’ll want to make the least changes possible to your current process. This will help you to avoid spending money on unnecessary changes and resources. Determine if there are in-house developers available to work with you to help implement the platform quickly.
Does the CRO have a flexible pricing model? Your study has unique needs, so make sure that you’re paying only for what you need, whether that comes in the form of flat fees or pay-as-you-go options.
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