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Evaluating Tumor Response in HCC
This is an excerpt from our free eBook, “Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Imaging..
An Interventional Radiologist Talks About Radioembolization in the Treatment of HCC Today
Dr. Yan Rolland, head of the diagnosis and interventional radiology department..
A Radiology Professor Talks About mRECIST, Reading Images in Clinical Trials, and More
Maxime Ronot, Professor at the Université de Paris, and Radiologist in the..
Interview: Keosys Advances into a Promising New Year
With our 20th anniversary year recently completed and a new year underway, we..
Interview: A Medical Doctor Finds Her Biotech Home
We recently spoke with Eveline Boucher, MD, Senior Medical Director for Boston..
Interview: Cancer Insight Leverages a Surgical Oncologist's Long Commitment to Service and Research
We recently spoke with George E. Peoples, M.D., founder and Chief Executive..
Interview: Global Perspectives from a Global Powerhouse, Syneos Health
We recently spoke with Patrick Nealon, Executive Vice President and General..
Interview: OncoBay Clinical Redefines What's Possible for CROs
We recently spoke with OncoBay Clinical executives Krystyna Kowalczyk, CEO, and..
Interview: Orano Med and Leading in Nuclear Medicine
We recently spoke with Jason Hurt, MD, chief medical officer for Orano Med, a..

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