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Expert insights into medical imaging in clinical trials.
The Importance of Imaging Review Charters in Clinical Trials
When imaging is part of a clinical trial, two unique documents must be..
The Importance of Imaging Acquisition Guidelines in Clinical Trials
There are numerous documents that demand serious attention as a clinical trial..
Keo-Tales:Introducing the QA/RA role with Laurence Boy-Machefer
Laurence Boy-Machefer is Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. She..
Laurence Boy-Machefer
Don't Overlook GCP in Imaging
Good clinical practice (GCP) is not just a set of texts; it’s the testimony of..
Why Calibration Meetings are Good for Central Imaging Reviews and How to Organize Them
Imaging endpoints are used in clinical trials to determine drug safety and..
The Use of Phantoms for Cross-Calibration in Clinical Trials
The advent of oncology and other disease treatments that require the collective..
Cross-calibrating PET Scanners in Clinical Trials: Why and How
Numerous elements of PET imaging are subject to variability, such as scan..
Read Designs and the FDA's Guidance on Imaging Process Standards
We previously introduced the concept of imaging read designs in clinical..
Six Ways to Decrease Reader Variability in Clinical Trials
Medical imaging is used to detect tumors and measure changes in their size over..
The Power of Flexible, Independent Central Review in Clinical Trials
Medical imaging has been used for decades in the evaluation and development of..
What You Need to Know About Imaging Read Designs in Clinical Trials
This is an excerpt from Keosys' free eBook, "The Non-Expert's Guide to Clinical..

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