Keo-Tales: Introducing the Keosys Interns



Every year, Keosys takes on a select number of interns, giving them the opportunity to learn about the industry while providing Keosys with fresh perspectives on the business, strategies, and plans.

Learn more about internships at Keosys by reading the following interview with Zeinab Chreif and Anthony Trouche, our current interns on the project management team.

If you have any interest in future opportunities at Keosys, please reach out to us.

With the pandemic, it must have been hard finding an internship. Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got this position.

Zeinab: I have a master’s degree in pharmacology and physiopathology from the Cote d’Azur University and I did training in clinical research at Mediaxe Formation in Paris. I saw the offer on LinkedIn and knew right away that it was the ideal opportunity for gaining experience in the field of clinical trials.

Anthony: For me, it was through my university. After a bachelor’s degree in Neurosciences, including a year abroad in Krakow with Erasmus, I started a master’s degree in clinical trial management. I was really happy to find an internship as a study coordinator, which I find suits me more than a clinical research associate role.


What attracted you to this opportunity?

Zeinab: Definitely the company’s values. I could tell from the very first interview that Keosys is the kind of company always looking for ways to improve. I immediately felt like someone who could become a key employee and not just a simple “intern”. I also liked the fact that Keosys manages a broad spectrum of clinical trials. It really showed that they were a major actor in the field of clinical research.

Anthony: Yes, I totally agree. From the first interview, I felt at ease and comfortable and I could tell that I would be a member of a team that would welcome my ideas and opinions. The diversity of projects that we get to work on is something that attracted me as well. I like the human aspect of this line of work. And I really liked the idea of discovering the world of medical imaging, especially with my background in neuroscience.


How were those first days at Keosys?

Zeinab: It was very exciting, and everyone was so welcoming. I was quickly integrated in the project management team.

Anthony: Yes, everyone was very supportive and welcoming those first days. It did take time to meet everyone at first as a lot of people worked from home most days during lockdown. I also remember going through a lot of training in the beginning. It was a bit overwhelming at first but at some point, everything clicked.


What have you learned so far that has surprised you?

Zeinab: For me, it was juggling several studies at the same time. Switching studies, going from one task to another. I had to learn to prioritize and keep track of what is going on in my studies at all times.

Anthony: The stringent quality guidance and norms that we are required to follow when managing clinical trials was the big surprise for me. It can be complex, and it takes a lot of time to get it right. I have also learned that to be a project manager you really need to be meticulous and know how to work with others as a team.


What advice would you give to students looking for internships in the health sector?

Zeinab: Be open and do not hesitate to ask questions.

Anthony: Networking is key! Ask colleagues, professors, and friends. And use LinkedIn. And if you cannot find something in France, check what opportunities might be available in other countries.

Connect with our current interns, Zeinab Chreif and Anthony Trouche.


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