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Modified Recist for HCC with Infographic


mRECIST was developed in 2010 to adapt RECIST v1.1 to the particularities of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). mRECIST follows RECIST v1.1 recommendations in terms of disease selection, categorization, and lesion monitoring but overcomes the challenges that occur with HCC by introducing the concept of viable tumor for the measurement of intrahepatic lesions. This enables the detection of objective responses in subjects who develop substantial treatment-related intra-tumoral necrosis in the absence of major changes in tumor diameter.

We at Keosys have prepared an infographic to give you an overview of all the key points to keep in mind in regard to mRECIST. We hope you find it useful.

Below is our infographic on mRECIST criteria. You can download it here.




Keep watching the Keosys newsletter as we'll have more infographics on additional topics coming soon.


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