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Expert insights into medical imaging in clinical trials.
Imaging CROs Role in Clinical Research with Infographic
The use of imaging endpoints in clinical trials has steadily grown over the..
The Importance of Imaging Review Charters in Clinical Trials
When imaging is part of a clinical trial, two unique documents must be..
The Importance of Imaging Acquisition Guidelines in Clinical Trials
There are numerous documents that demand serious attention as a clinical trial..
RECIST Imaging Criteria in Clinical Trials with Infographic
Medical imaging has been used in clinical trials to assess tumor response for..
Keo-Tales: Introducing the Project Management Role with Pierre-Olivier Desmoulins
Pierre-Olivier Desmoulins is a Senior Clinical Trial Project Manager with 20+..
Imaging and the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: A Productive Relationship
First described in 1853, prostate cancer was originally thought to be rare...
The Language of Acronyms in Imaging - WDTM?
Acronyms are everywhere. We use them ubiquitously at work, on social media, and..
Interventional Radiology: From “Angioplasty” to Leadership in 21st-Century Innovation
The seeds of the discipline that would become interventional radiology, the use..
Laurence Boy-Machefer
Don't Overlook GCP in Imaging
  Good clinical practice (GCP) is not just a set of texts; it’s the testimony..
What Does a First-Rate Medical Imaging CRO Look Like in 2021?
  Today, medical imaging CROs (ICROs) are more likely than ever to be a key..
Why Calibration Meetings are Good for Central Imaging Reviews and How to Organize Them
Imaging endpoints are used in clinical trials to determine drug safety and..
The Use of Phantoms for Cross-Calibration in Clinical Trials
The advent of oncology and other disease treatments that require the collective..

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