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Modified Recist for HCC with Infographic
mRECIST was developed in 2010 to adapt RECIST v1.1 to the particularities of..
Questions to Ask Yourself About Imaging in Clinical Trials
Starting a trial can be very challenging. There are many actors involved and..
5 Myths About Imaging CROs
In the race against COVID, clinical trials regularly made the headlines. People..
How to Prepare an Imaging Study While Minimizing Budget and Risk
Sometimes sponsors and CROs are not sure in the early stages of a trial that..
Automatic Quantification of Background Activity in the PERCIST Criteria
Positron Emission tomography Response Criteria In Solid Tumors (PERCIST) allows..
Photography as Imaging in Dermato-Oncology Clinical Trials
The health industry has been impacted by numerous technological advances in..
Case Study - Rescuing a Complicated Trial
Complex trials with multiple efficacy endpoints or multiple imaging modalities..
Interview: A Medical Doctor Finds Her Biotech Home
We recently spoke with Eveline Boucher, MD, Senior Medical Director for Boston..
Lucie Rivière
An Overview of the Latest Innovations in Imaging Technology
The health industry has been impacted by numerous technological advances in..
Lucie Rivière
Considering the Latest in Drug Development
Every day, scientists and researchers work to improve our health. Today more..
Keo-Tales: Introducing the Keosys Interns
Every year, Keosys takes on a select number of interns, giving them the..
Central Review According to iRECIST in Cancer Immunotherapy Clinical Trials
This is an excerpt from our free eBook “Imaging and Read Criteria in Cancer..

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